Armageddon Auckland 2014

So below are some pics from our trip to Armageddon.

The event was great our cast in costume was well received and we had a lot of people stop to take photos with us.

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Star Wars: Outcasts Trailer

Well we finally got our trailer done and will be at Armageddon Auckland to promote the film today (Saturday 25th October) hope to see you there!

Or You can watch the trailer on our YouTube channel here

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Wrap on Episode 1

So the  filming is complete for episode one of our prequel series leading up to our fan short film.

The first episode is quite difficult and demanding for us to film, which is why we started our filming with Episode 2 a more simple shoot. Below you will see a few photos that will show why this was a more difficult episode to shoot. Continue reading

Composer Acquired

Two more successful weekends of shooting have passed, coming up on the third!  A good deal of pics taken too, more of which will start appearing on this site very soon.  We’re heavily committed with building props and set dressing for more upcoming filming, also helping out some of our friends with their #Tropfest 2015 entry (as they’ve been kind enough to help us out…). Continue reading

Wrap on Our First Episode


We’ve wrapped shooting on the first prelude as of 22/06, we’re looking at compiling all the footage tonight.

Just to confuse you, it is the first one we are shooting but it is the second episode not the first episode.

Next steps are doing all the colour grading, sound and (background) chromakey effects. We’re also looking at options for the score.  Really happy with how the filming has gone.  It’s going to look great when it’s all pieced together!


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First Day of Filming!

So we’ve wrapped our first day of filming!

Thought it might be timely to put up a post that gives you some insight into what we are planning and what you can expect from Star Wars:Outcasts.

The main body of the Outcasts story is fairly ambitious, requiring a good deal of time, technical ability and likely a few days of location shooting.  All of this is being done by a small team of dedicated people (in our spare time).  It will be a short film by normal standards. Continue reading

Hey There! Thanks for Joining us on this Wild Ride!

Adding some content to this page right now! Got some pics from some prop creation we’ve done (in the Media section), also gone an updated the story of the film and put a little bit about us in the About section.

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