Opening crawl:

The Old Republic stands in ruins.  It’s Jedi guardians have been branded as traitors by the newly-risen Empire.  Those that survived the purges are dangerous and desperate, hounded from planet to planet.  The Imperial military continue to secure peace by force.

Meanwhile, specialist agents work in the shadows to hunt down the last remaining Jedi criminals. Cunning and dangerous, they hunt their elusive prey. The Empire tolerates these vagabonds while they serve a purpose. However, the time soon approaches when it will no longer need their unpredictable skills.  In the eyes of the dark and powerful Empire, those that exist on the fringes are only a step away from being marked as outcasts…


The Story of Star Wars: Outcasts

Set in the tumultuous period after the fall of the Old Republic, Star Wars: Outcasts tells a story that casts light into the cracks of the galaxy.  On the fringes of the Empire, there are heroes and villains of a different sort – striving to better their lot, or just protect the ones they care about.

Our story begins with a professional Imperial agent –  a shadowy figure, sheathed in Mandalorian armour – who has built up an impressive reputation of hunting and destroying Jedi.  As the Imperial purge progresses, fewer and fewer Jedi remain, and the ones that do are either powerful, elusive or both.  The Agent possesses the cunning and ability to find and eliminate any Jedi.  However, his one silent fear is realised when he and his team is dispatched to track down one Jedi in particular… who was once his friend.

Hearing of this, a powerful – but uncontrolled –  Sith supplicant contrives to find the Jedi first.  Seeking Darth Vader as a master, she must destroy a Jedi in order to ensure her own survival in the Empire – she also has her own unfinished business with the Agent, and would dearly love to see him fail.

Will the Agent arrive in time to help his former friend against the Sith… or will he instead fulfil his own deadly mission?


About us

We’re a small group of dedicated filmmakers (and Star Wars fans) who decided we can add to the great variety of SW fan films out there.  We have plans to create a small series of Star Wars: Outcasts short films, first with a couple of “teaser/intimate” scenes that showcase the characters and build towards the main story.  After that, we have a few other ideas (not all of them SW related either!) depending on the feedback we get from our fans.  We’ve put in a tonne of work already, and we’re learning new things and having a great deal of fun along the way.  Thanks for coming along with us!


  1. Kia Ora,

    My names Ryan or Darth Kryy, I was approached today at Armageddon in Hamilton about a fan made Star Wars film, I am more than happy to be apart of it given the opportunity, I’d love to know more! I’m intrigued with the brief plot summary above!


    • Hi Ryan – thanks for signing up!
      Most of our updated content will end up here, but take a look at our facebook page also if you would like to know when stuff is updated – it’s called “Star Wars Outcasts film news”.
      There will be a lot more content going up on this page in the next couple of days – we’ve saved a few things up over the last few months to show off.
      We plan to put up a bit more details on the story and background of Outcasts itself, keep an eye out.
      Definitely let us know if there’s something you’d like to see on the site.

      May the Force be with you


      • My appologies,

        I hadnt returned here in a while, ill be sure to check out the FB page, as i really am dying to be apart of this film!

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